3D Virtual Scans & Tours

Discover the platform dedicated to capturing the art world through 3D scanning technology.

Header Image Courtesy: Andy Warhol, Halcyon Gallery

The Net Gallery - 3D Virtual Scans for the Art World

At The Net Gallery we produce photo-realistic, 3D exhibition walkthroughs using the latest scanning technology.

Faithfully recreating almost every aspect of an exhibition in a virtual setting – and with a growing list of partners that includes Dulwich Picture Gallery, Bonhams, NOW Gallery and University of the Arts London – we bring leading exhibitions to you, wherever you are.

The walkthroughs we produce enable you to navigate exhibitions as if you were there in person, capturing the scale and ambience of each space, along with the emotion and energy of the work on show.

Our portfolio of 3D exhibitions is complemented by our new Artist Studio Tours series, providing exclusive, interactive access to some of the most exciting artists working in the UK today.

Enabling you to view art, anywhere, anytime.

Our content-rich scans provide access to a host of additional content – including text, audio, video and images – offering an unrivalled depth of information and an unparalleled digital experience.

 The walkthroughs can be viewed using a computer, smartphone or tablet. Simply click on the play symbol to enter the walkthrough and use the cursor or your finger to move around the space. Click on the circular tag symbols to bring up artwork details and other information.



Find out more information and our 3D Exhibitions



To view our portfolio of virtual exhibitions, visit the 3D Studio Tours page

 COVID-19 Statement: The Net Gallery | Social Distancing Policy, as of 1/04/2020

We’re working through the COVID-19 pandemic to help London galleries and artists to get their work and exhibitions online.

The Net Gallery only sends one team member to work on site. They travel by car to avoid placing any pressure on public transport and only remain on site for as long as is necessary to complete the scan.

We operate in line with social distancing guidelines at all times and maintain a distance of at least two metres from any gallery staff or artists.