Artist Studio 3D Virtual Tours

Going behind-the-scenes to reveal where and how artists work, our new Artist Studio Tours series provides unique access to some of the best contemporary artists working today. 

Offering an opportunity to engage with each artist’s work on a personal level, the tours take you into the heart of their practice, complimented by exclusive video content and commentary.

Artist Studio 3D Tours

Our mission is to grow a network of artists brought together by the desire to create a new space in the art world – one where 3D capture technology empowers exploration, learning and communication.

At The Net Gallery, we have started a 3D studio tour series to capture our artist members’ studio spaces, giving exclusive behind-the-scenes access to their working process and environment.

ahuva profile

Ahuva Zeloof | 3D Virtual Tour

Ahuva Zeloof is an Iraqi-born, London-based sculptor with a passion for stone carving. Raised in Israel, her unique visual language and love of stone was instilled by the natural environment and architecture of the region – with its dramatic mountain landscapes, ancient olive trees and traditional stone buildings.

After completing a Foundation course in 2016, Ahuva began experimenting with sculptural mediums including bronze and stone for which she was to discover a particular natural affinity – and which continues to be at the heart of Ahuva’s practice today. Her work has evolved through creating with an array of different kinds of stone and an ongoing intuitive and lyrical investigation of the female form in repose or movement. Ahuva’s style is characterised by smooth, polished curves contrasted with passages of stone left rough and raw, playing with the inherent tension between what the artist carves out of the stone and what is already there.


charley peters

Charley Peters | 3D Virtual Tour

Charley Peters is an artist based in South Bermondsey, London. By juxtaposing the familiar sensibilities of the Hard Edge, Abstract Expressionism and Pop Art with aesthetics suggestive of the development of the information age, Peters’ work references the language of High Modernism in the context of the recent phenomena of the high tech, filtered through the analogue act of painting.

Her meticulously made paintings reflect the graphically complex world in which we now live, where we simultaneously see multiple ‘windows’ on computer screens, smartphones and digital tablets. Creating her work intuitively by dividing the canvas into distinct compositional areas and building up layers of paint, Peters seeks to explore our experiences of reading space, substance and abstract form in contemporary visual culture.

samira addo image

Samira Addo | 3D Virtual Tour

Samira Addo is a self-taught artist with a love of portraiture. From Addo’s perspective, portraits have the power to engage attention, evoke emotions and hold a level of relatability unlike any other genre.

Addo’s work often reflects themes and subjects she has a close association with: from moments with friends, to countries explored. She finds inspiration for her portraits in the subtleties of facial expressions, or by exploring the interplay of colour and construction. Predominantly working in oils, Addo’s completed pieces can be considered as examples of contemporary realism, with the more figurative elements balanced by touches of abstraction.

In 2018, Addo was the the winner of Sky Arts Portrait Artist of the Year. The prize included being commissioned to paint a portrait of the actor Kim Cattrall, which now hangs in Liverpool’s Walker Art Gallery.

james rogers selfie

James Rogers | 3D Virtual Tour

James Rogers (b.1993, Wolverhampton, UK) works from his studio in Brixton, London. His work explores figuration in the realm of the post digital, with Rogers locating himself between his mostly self-built technologies and the artist’s hand to explore the ecosystem that exists between us and the emerging digital/ physical landscape.

Rogers’ studio features a self-built printing machine he has hacked to; extrude entire blocks of clay into coils, melt and extrude wax for casting into bronze, and (when fitted with a drawing utensil) allow him to connect his sculptural investigations to paper. Across these disciplines, Rogers examines what happens to form, ideas, and ultimately ourselves as we continue to navigate our way through digital and physical space.


Tim Benson | 3D Virtual Tour

Tim Benson is a London-based artist who has won numerous awards and is highly respected as a painter of portraits and landscapes. Looking beyond simple representation, he seeks to permeate his work with emotive, visceral qualities that elicit the attention of the viewer.

olly fathers 1

Olly Fathers | 3D Virtual Tour

Olly Fathers is an artist based in Brixton, London. His work explores the relations between abstract shapes, different materials, and forms. Creating well finished, often playful pieces that encourage the viewer to take a closer look to understand the balance and precision involved. With a strict eye for detail, Fathers takes great satisfaction in the making process and this often becomes influential in the outcome of his work. 

With a keen interest in woodwork, both as a skill and its use in Art and Design, Fathers has developed a desire to use wood in his practice and creates pieces using a range of different types and species. These works take inspiration from architecture, design, and culture, including early computer technology and graphics. 

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Hynek Martinec | 3D Virtual Tour

Hynek Martinec (born Broumov, Czech Republic, 1980) lives and works in London and has exhibited extensively internationally. Martinec’s paintings, drawings and sculptures have an ongoing engagement with art history, developing visual connections between diverse historical moments. 

His works explore ideas about time, history, reality and spirituality, often appropriating imagery from vintage photographs and the Old Masters. He was included in the BP Portrait Prize exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery, London in 2007, 2009 and 2013, winning the Young Artist award in 2007. Martinec’s work is in private and public collections internationally including the National Gallery, Prague and the British Museum, London.

matthew burrows

Matthew Burrows MBE | 3D Virtual Tour

Matthew Burrows MBE (born 1971) is a contemporary British painter and founder of Artist Support Pledge, a global movement in support of artists and makers. He lives and works in the UK and is represented by Vigo Gallery London. 

Matthew speaks of painting as a form of subsistence, dependent on and arising from the ground at his feet. Through the layering of colour and line, he creates images that invite mediation and a slow unraveling of space and experience. Matthew sees his practice as ‘one of dwelling and ritual, a process of mythologizing, of drawing meaning from the particularities of the environment and his movement in and through it’. His work explores the conditions by which we thrive and connect – individually, communally and cosmologically.

ian goldsmith 1

Ian Goldsmith | 3D Virtual Tour

“There’s a lot to be gained by refusing to be labeled artistically, Ian Goldsmith’s freedom of expression combines intimate knowledge of the craft with an eye for contemporary subjects. Subtle shifts in stylistic approach and focus on individuality place his portraits into a world uniquely his own yet familiar at first glance.”

He currently works exclusively in oil on panel and has an almost scientific fascination with colour, light and shadow; exploring how we perceive the world and how best that can be recreated using paint.

sarah jane moon

Sarah Jane Moon | 3D Virtual Tour

She has exhibited with the National Portrait Gallery, Royal Society of Portrait Painters, Royal Institute of Oil Painters, New English Art Club and the New Zealand Portrait Gallery among others. She has been a recipient of the Arts Charitable Trust Award, the Bulldog Bursary for Portraiture and in 2020 was made a candidate for membership to the Royal Society of Portrait Painters. Her portraiture has been featured in Time Magazine, The Guardian, Wallpaper*, Studio International and House & Garden Magazine.

Moon features in the documentary film ‘She Is Juiced’ (directed by Lois Norman) which premiered in 2017 at the Tate Britain. She has also been included in the Pride Power List, which celebrates the achievements of notable  LGBTQI+ people and is a regular supporter of Stonewall UK, Terrence Higgins Trust, Pride in London and Art for Youth.

tom croft

Tom Croft | 3D Virtual Tour

Tom Croft is a classically trained portrait painter based in Oxford.

He has produced paintings for a wide range of clients, from Manchester United Football Club to Oxford colleges and family portraiture.

His notable portraits include the first female Bishop Libby Lane, author Mark Haddon, former Home Secretary Jacqui Smith, BBC Arts editor Will Gompertz, Radiohead bass player Colin Greenwood, performing artist and humanitarian Octopizzo from Kibera, Ride drummer Loz Colbert, footballers Wayne Rooney, David Beckham and Ryan Giggs. Tom appears on Sky Arts Portrait Artist of The Year 2018. Tom is a member of the Oxford Art Society and opens his studio to the public during Oxfordshire Artweeks.