Lichtundfire in New York is pleased present a group exhibition in various media sculpture, painting and works on paper by 5 artists of different generations, and with practices reaching from abstraction to abstracted representation, while expanding the concept of abstraction.

What brings them together, in Lichtundfire’s seasons opener, are their careful concepts and distinct treatments of their individual mediums on a predominantly small scale. These works, all deeply rooted in abstraction, attract each other through different concepts, and seem to gravitate from equal distance towards the same imaginary pole.

Their techniques show aptitude on a small scale while their sizes crate the intimacy necessary to convey/support a language that lays importance upon detail and accentuation. Even though the individual surface treatments differ and reach from bold brush strokes to mark-making, and from careful layering to sculpted abstractions with various materials—all work shows a sense of delicacy and thoughtful execution.

Every individual work in the exhibition demonstrates gravitas—pun intended—on a relative small scale. And, while coming from different artistic directions, each artist’s practice creates a gravity that levitates and alleviates—attracting a common denominator that of ‘abstract gravity’-.

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Featured image: Cast concrete, reclaimed metal, and pigments; 13 X 17 X 27″; 2018