Art Fairs

We help art fairs increase their impact with industry leading 3D scan tours for wider audience outreach.

By capturing the latest edition of your fair, we can create a highly-realistic virtual experience that you can share with art lovers, artists and galleries, wherever they are in the world. The 3D scan offers a unique way to promote, archive and communicate what you do, creating the potential for collectors and collaborators to revisit or remotely access the fair at any time.

Endlessly flexible, we can tailor the end product from offering full virtual access to the entire fair, to focusing in on specific exhibitors or sample sections.


Scanning each edition of the fair will enable you to build an interactive, adaptable archive of the fair’s history. Use it as a way for you and your exhibitors to continue to engage with collectors and art lovers after the fair has closed, giving them an opportunity to revisit what was on show in the most realistic way possible.
You can also share the footage with future exhibitors, giving them an insight into what the fair can offer and helping them visualise the space and layout.


Use the virtual walk-though to offer immersive sneak-previews and highlight packages of the latest edition.  With our 3D tours you can provide collectors who can’t attend in person the opportunity to virtually access the fair from wherever they are.

If you’re an art fair looking for a new way to reach a wider audience, we’d love to hear from you.


The content we create is a fantastic way to engage press and generate excitement across social media.

Add context and narratives around the art on show by adding interactive tags that tell the story behind the exhibits, focus the scan on a particular featured artist or special project, or allow virtual access to a sample area to entice people to visit in person.

Our LATEST Partner


As one of the most dynamic international art fairs, The Other Art Fair has quickly established itself as a unique addition to the art world. Instead of focusing on galleries, the fair provides a platform for individual artists, allowing them to meet and sell directly to collectors and art


If you’re an art fair looking for a new way to reach a wider audience, we’d love to hear from you.