Artist Studio 3D Tours

The Net Gallery is creating a series of behind-the-scenes 3D tours of our artists’ studios, offering an opportunity to engage with their work on a personal level. Next in our series is Ahuva Zeloof, a London-based sculptor whose practice centres on an ongoing intuitive and lyrical investigation of the female form.

Ahuva Zeloof | 3D Studio Tour

Click on the play symbol below to explore Ahuva’s studio. The tags inside the scan provide information about her work and process. Watch out for the yellow tags with special video content.

Ahuva Zeloof | Biography

Ahuva Zeloof is an Iraqi-born, London-based sculptor with a passion for stone carving. Raised in Israel, her unique visual language and love of stone was instilled by the natural environment and architecture of the region – with its dramatic mountain landscapes, ancient olive trees and traditional stone buildings.

Whilst art has always been a passion for Ahuva, her transition to becoming a full-time artist occurred in later life and her rich life experiences as a mother, grandmother and practicing yoga teacher have all played an important part in developing her compelling voice as a visual artist. After completing a Foundation course in 2016, Ahuva began experimenting with sculptural mediums including bronze and stone for which she was to discover a particular natural affinity.

Stone carving continues to be at the heart of Ahuva’s practice today, evolving through working with an array of different kinds of stone and an ongoing intuitive and lyrical investigation of the female form in repose or movement – the latter often informed by the dynamic movement of yoga. Ahuva’s style is characterised by smooth, polished curves contrasted with passages of stone left rough and raw – playing with the inherent tension between what the artist carves out of the stone and what is already there.

ahuva profile

3D Virtual Video Tour | Artist Perspective

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