Artist Studio 3D Tours

The Net Gallery is creating a series of behind-the-scenes 3D tours of our artists’ studios, offering an opportunity to engage with their work on a personal level. Next in our series is Ian Goldsmith, the founder of the CBPP (Contemporary British Portrait Painters –, a collective of some of Britain’s foremost portrait painters.

Ian Goldsmith | 3D Studio Tour

Click on the play symbol below to explore Ian’s studio. The tags inside the scan provide information about his work and process. Watch out for the yellow tag with special video content.

Ian Goldsmith | Biography

“There’s a lot to be gained by refusing to be labeled artistically, Ian Goldsmith’s freedom of expression combines intimate knowledge of the craft with an eye for contemporary subjects. Subtle shifts in stylistic approach and focus on individuality place his portraits into a world uniquely his own yet familiar at first glance.”

He currently works exclusively in oil on panel and has an almost scientific fascination with colour, light and shadow; exploring how we perceive the world and how best that can be recreated using paint.

ian goldsmith 1

3D Virtual Video Tour | Artist Perspective

Visit Ian Goldsmith’s profile for more information