Artist Studio 3D Tours

The Net Gallery is creating a series of behind-the-scenes 3D tours of our artists’ studios, offering an opportunity to engage with their work on a personal level. Next in our series is James Rogers, whose work explores figuration in the realm of the post digital.

James Rogers | 3D Studio Tour

Click on the play symbol below to explore James’ studio. The tags inside the scan provide information about his work and process. Watch out for the yellow tags with special video content.

James Rogers | Biography

Rogers’ work explores figuration in the realm of the post digital, locating himself between his mostly self built technologies and the artist’s hand to explore the ecosystem that exists between us and the emerging digital/ physical landscape. ‍

A self built printing machine has been hacked to extrude entire blocks of clay into coils, melting and constructing wax for casting in bronze, or when fitted with a drawing utensil – allow Rogers to connect his sculptural investigations to his works on paper as the mechanical pathways become depicted in lines.

His work explores connection, dependency, and how these tendencies are mirrored into our technological networks, and then fragmented or even broken as they translate themselves into digital information, physical emotions, then back again. It is here that he establishes his relevance to the underlying ‘digital-physical’ conversion processes of 3D printing and 3D scanning.

Rogers has recently been awarded the Fenton Arts Trust grant under patronage of Dame Maggie, has received the Mead Scholarship from Scott Mead, as well as represented Puma in their recent collections surrounding reinvention and innovation.

james rogers selfie

3D Virtual Video Tour | Artist Perspective

Visit James Rogers’ profile for more information