Artist Studio 3D Tours

The Net Gallery is creating a series of behind-the-scenes 3D tours of our artists’ studios, offering an opportunity to engage with their work on a personal level. Next in our series is Samira Addo, a self-taught artist with a love of portraiture.

Samira Addo | 3D Studio Tour

Click on the play symbol below to explore Samira’s studio. The tags inside the scan provide information about her work and process. Watch out for the yellow tags with special video content.

Samira Addo | Biography

Samira Addo is a self-taught artist with a love of portraiture. From Addo’s perspective, portraits have the power to engage attention, evoke emotions and hold a level of relatability unlike any other genre.

Addo’s work often reflects themes and subjects she has a close association with: from moments with friends, to countries explored. She finds inspiration for her portraits in the subtleties of facial expressions, or by exploring the interplay of colour and construction. Predominantly working in oils, Addo’s completed pieces can be considered as examples of contemporary realism, with the more figurative elements balanced by touches of abstraction. 

In 2018, Addo was the the winner of Sky Arts Portrait Artist of the Year. The prize included being commissioned to paint a portrait of the actor Kim Cattrall, which now hangs in Liverpool’s Walker Art Gallery.

samira addo image

3D Virtual Video Tour | Artist Perspective

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