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Samira Addo

Samira Addo



About Samira Addo

I’m a self-taught artist with a love of portraiture – to me, portraits can engage attention, evoke emotions, and hold a level of relatability unlike any other genre. My art often reflects themes I have a close association with, from moments with friends, to countries explored. Often, I tend to find inspiration in the subtleties of a facial expression or from the exploration of colour and construction. Currently, I’ve been working predominantly in oils, in a style that may be considered as contemporary realism.


2020 – Group, “Perceptions”, Contemporary British Portrait Painters (CBPP), London, UK
2019 – Group, “Perfecting the Journey”, GirlBoss Rally, Los Angeles, USA
2019 – Group, “Six Weeks of Portraits”, Fine Art Commissions, London, UK
2019 – Group, The Other Art Fair, New York, USA
2019 – Group, “Unmissable”, The Other Art Fair, London UK
2018 – Group, “not 30%”, The Other Art Fair, London UK
2018 – Solo, “Samira Addo”, Cass Art, Liverpool UK
2018 – Group, “Portrait Artist of the Year Semi Finalists”, Cass Art Islington, London UK
2017 – Group, “Diaspora Dialogue”, London UK
2017 – Group, “Depford X Fringe 2017”, London UK
2017 – Group, “Parallel Lines, Mums and Daughter”s – ASRRART, London UK
2015 – Solo, artFix, London UK
2015 – Group, Exposure RAW – Natural Born Artists event, London UK