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Anna Macdonald

Anna Macdonald

About Anna Macdonald

My work delves into the importance of negative space, or my interpretation of the Zen philosophy “Ma” – the spatial relationship between the structural elements in my piece. I start with referencing something tangible, be it observed or recollected through memory. I then begins to strip away the non-essential aspects of the initial idea leaving behind just the gestural marks.

A modern interpretation of minimalism, my understanding of negative space is a result of my admiration of Abstract Expressionism and Japanese aesthetics with a gradual movement towards Constructivism. The same can be said with my translation of colour from the natural world, I remove the superfluous to reveal only the most subtle of variations encouraging the observer to slow down, pause, meditate and take in the tranquility of my work.

I currently live and work in London dividing ny time between painting and teaching Art in a large comprehensive school.