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Teddy Cornelisse

Teddy Cornelisse

About Teddy Cornelisse

As an artist I am very interested in today’s food culture.
In my paintings I like to explore our habits, obsessions, addictions and view-points that has created this growing culture. We live in a consumer-orientated world where we are obsessed with having everything no matter the consequences. As a result, the choices we will have to make in the future regarding food consumption will be very different. The constant demand that has been placed on food consumption has created certain behavioural decisions in our society. The popularity around plant-based diets, ethically-sourced meat and reducing single-use plastics is starting to re-shape our attitude around food-consumption. This global shift in our behaviour is what I am interested in depicting. The idea that we might only have art to look back on as a reference to this time is something I am fascinated by. Capturing a moment, or a trend, or an obsession of this ever-evolving culture plays a large role in the subjects I choose to paint. I create art works with the intention of capturing elements to remind us of the choices we used to make and the options we used to have.

Most of my inspiration comes from cooking and experiencing food while traveling. I also get a lot of inspiration from films, photography, contemporary chefs, cooking shows, cookbooks and different types of cultural traditions and behaviours.  The artist who inspire me the most is by far Henri Matisse.

Most of my work is created with Acrylic paint. My colour palette is vibrant and colourful. My style is absurd, yet realistic. Since I like to capture a subjective perspective on food-consumption, I also have an expressionistic quality to my work. Evoking emotion and a discourse around my works is something I strive for. I believe if a painting has some sort of imperfection and seems slightly chaotic it suddenly becomes more interesting and entertaining to look at.


I studied Art & Graphic design in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Not many planned at the moment because of COVID-19.

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