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Fuen Chin

Fuen Chin



About Fuen Chin

Fuen Chin was born in a small town in Malaysia. She is a self-taught artist who eventually pursued a fine art research degree at the Royal College of Art in her late 30s. When Fuen presented her calligraphic painting on the wall to the panel of judges at Royal College of Art, ‘the panel very much enjoyed your proposal and presentation and thought there were a lot of interesting possibilities that may emerge from your works,’ this has encouraged Fuen to continue exploring the ideas, concepts and ‘drama’ embedded in Chinese calligraphy. The motifs of Fuen’s calligraphic paintings change from time to time. She introduces the paintings as the way to communicate, to disseminate ideas and to invite imaginations. The art of her paintings derived from Chinese calligraphy, she proposes that the uniqueness of calligraphy is the multidisciplinary applications: writing, drawing, painting, marking, singing, dancing and playing. Apart from subject and method of a painting, ownership is the most important reality for an artwork. It involves the inheritance of narratives, messages, intellectual properties to be sustained or continue to develop in the future. Public showcase of the five calligraphic floral paintings at Vintners Place, London is the important milestones for Fuen. It is the first project of corporate art and it is an honor to work with the place and the curator – ARTful, London. Fuen feel thankful for the messages in the paintings: channel the deficient images to aesthetical direction and to encourage a respect, a bravery and a confession of the imperfect conditions of human eyes, such as aging, obscurity and impermanence are innovatory artistic direction, being accepted and visually published in the 1980s classical-style office building in the City of London.


Royal College of Art

Until 31 MAY 2020
East Wing,
Vintners Place,68 Upper Thames Street, London.

• Chin, F. (2018). Storytelling the Void in the Chinese Pictographic Writing System. [Wall Painting with audio]. London, UK: Kensington Galleries.

• Chin, F. (2018). The Storytelling Wardrobe – Inheritance, Death, Absurdity I, Pause I, Absurdity II, Pause II. [Painting with audio]. London, UK: Studio RCA

• Chin, F. (2018). The Storytelling Wardrobe III. [Painting and Chinese calligraphy on the wall]. London, UK: Garden house.

• Chin, F. (2016). The Storytelling Wardrobe II. [Installation: handwoven cloth, yarn balls, audio piece and video documentary]. London, UK: St James Hatcham Gallery.

• Chin, F. (2016) The Storytelling Wardrobe. [Installation: knit, yarn balls, collage and surface textile]. London, UK: Constance Howard Gallery.

• The Madness of Ophelia collection, in L’oreal Colour Trophy hair show, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 2000.

• The Madness of Ophelia collection, in The Work of Art group fashion show at Evergreen Laurel Hotel, Penang, Malaysia, 1999.