Project Description

James Crowther

James Crowther

About James Crowther

Born in 1974.

The outsider cut out.

Portraits for NHS Heroes

Subject: Scarlett Brannigan

Original Artwork: 21cm x 14.8cm (A5), watercolour on 300g/m paper

Artist Statement:

“I saw @tomcroftartist had started this project and I just wanted to give something back that might make someone who is risking their life in very uncertain times have, at the very least, something else to think of, as a small gesture of goodwill.” James Crowther

Quote from the Subject:

“It was really great to be included in the #portraitsforhhsheroes and brought some creative excitement in a pretty bleak time. It’s a wonderful record of the work we have been doing at this time and I am proud to see the NHS logo represented on my portrait. I have also enjoyed following the international community created around #portraitsforhhsheroes and have loved seeing the wonderful healthcare provides from around the world.” Scarlett Brannigan