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Olusegun Tosin Kalejaye

Olusegun Tosin Kalejaye

About Olusegun Tosin Kalejaye

Kalejaye Olusegun Tosin, is a self-taught contemporary visual artist in Abuja, Nigeria. A graduate from Adekunle Ajasin University, Akungba Akoko with a B.A degree in History and International Studies. From his early childhood, Tosin had keen interest in drawing realistic portraits on paper, hence where his professionalism stemmed from today. With no formal education in visual art, over the years, Tosin has mastered his craft to a reasonable extent with steady practice, patience and consistency.


His works are largely based on story telling and historical documentation.

Tosin’s art revolves around his society (black communities) and the happenings inherent. His intention in practicing Art is to communicate his thoughts and ideas, portraying the struggles and experiences of Man as a product of the Society. These numerous and multifaceted struggles in life are cogent factors that inspire him to create his artworks. Through his style of art, he intends to arouse emotion in his viewer, the necessary catalyst to encourage a shift in the nature of ongoing conversations towards more practical actions. In sum, awakening the consciousness of the audience.



* Felabration Artwork competition and exhibition, Lagos, 2019.

* I Can Draw Africa Exhibition, Abuja, 2018.

* Dream Home Gallery Exhibition, Abuja, 2018.