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Katalin Macevics

Katalin Macevics

About Katalin Macevics

I was born in Moscow but grew up in a small beautiful city in Ukraine and then was raised in many different countries as an artist. Currently in London. My artistic inspiration began at an early age – since I was 2 years old I knew I wanted to be an artist.
I am inspired by light and color and how they relate to each other. Straddling the line between abstraction, expressionism and realism, my work allows the viewer to be drawn into all aspects of the subject. My art focuses on women’s body, beautiful curves, shapes. I want to show how amazing we are!


Painting and pottery at College of Art, Uzhhorod, Ukraine.


Collection New of the Week at Saachi Gallery

100 Artworks curated by Rebecca Wilson
Chief Curator and VP, Art Advisory