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Sona Sahakian

Sona Sahakian



About Sona Sahakian

Sona Sahakian (1996) is a visual artist based in the Hague, the Netherlands. She graduated from the department Fine Arts at the Royal Academy of the Arts , The Hague. Her works consist of paintings, drawings, collages, photographs , installations and films (video art). In recent years she has participated in various groups exhibitions and projects.

Her works are about the search for an inner experience of time, where memories are made experienceable in the shape of fixation and transformation. She strives for a fusion of past and present , which creates a dynamic and timeless dimension. The transience, the cycle of human existence – life, death and rebirth – plays an important role in this; this transforms our reality and strengthens our human consciousness. In her art she wants to stimulate people’s imagination and sensory experiences in which the traces of the past are revived in the present, which remains anchored in her memory and thus enriches her personal history. In this way she wants to inspire people to make an inner journey by really feeling and discovering for themselves what the treasury of their existence is.


Fine Arts, Royal Academy of the Arts , The Hague


2020-2021   –  ” My inner journey ” , Loft Land Of Free Thought , The Hague , group exhibition

2020-2021 – Corona Collection The Hague, The Hague Historical Museum, group exhibition    

Corona Collection The Hague

When the coronavirus strikes the Netherlands in March of 2020, The Hague changes: supermarket shelves and streets are empty, museums, theatres, gyms and restaurants close their doors. Public life comes to a halt; The Hague is in lockdown.

To record this exceptional experience and its impact on the city for future generations, The Historical Museum of The Hague started the Corona Collection (page is in Dutch). With assistance from hundreds of city residents, volunteers and photographers, a large number of objects, diaries and photos were collected.

In this presentation, you will see the consequences of the first lockdown and the impact of this time on the city and its residents. The objects, photos, videos and diaries show the uncertainty, fear and sadness, but also the togetherness, creativity and (at times dark) humour that accompanied this experience.

In addition to the personal submissions and diaries of city residents, a selection of photos taken by documentary photographer Sandra Uittenbogaart are also exhibited. This series of photos is the result of a collaboration between The Hague Municipal Archives and The Historical Museum of The Hague. The complete series is also be viewed via the digital data base of The Hague Municipal Archives.

A special feature is the ‘In times of corona’ photo project by Johan Nieuwenhuize, which links photos by the artist with other recent corona-related photos.

The presentation Corona Collection,The Hague in lockdown is produced in collaboration with The Hague Municipal Archives and Stroom Den Haag.

2021   –     OYO-4 ( On Your Own 4 ) , Haagse Kunstkring , The Hague , group exhibition

Ten artists, who recently graduated from the Royal Academy of Art, would like to invite you to the fourth edition of “On Your Own”. We, artists from very different disciplines, have been invited by the Haagse Kunstkring to create an exhibition together according to our own ideas in the beautiful exhibition spaces on the Denneweg. A challenge that we would like to make a success. With our graduation work as a starting point, we enter into mutual connections. Exciting connections between work from different disciplines such as Fine Art, Textile and Fashion, ArtScience, Photography, Graphic Design and Furniture and Interior Design.

An exhibition of a new talented generation of artists in line with the tradition of the Hague art circle to connect arts.

The Exhibitors (alumni are): Daphne Oude Geerdink, Edward Dzulaj, Inge Vaandering, Jeanne Aubert, Lianne van Roekel, Lucca Roelvink, Nola Minolfi, Sona Sahakian, Yoon Shun and Zhang Yunwei.

We advise you to book a time slot for a visit to the exhibition: tel. 070-3647585 during opening hours of the gallery (Wednesday-Friday 12-17 uur; Saturday-Sunday 13-17 uur). Of course you can always come by without an appointment. Often there is still a spot available, but the guarantee is not there. During opening hours, one or more of the artists are always present to talk about the work. If you are looking for an artist in particular, please inquire when he is present.

2021    –  ALL INN, Het Hem , Zaandam , group exhibition

Nine art academies, a hundred and seventy-five young artists, one exhibition. For the first time in history, recently graduated art academy students from all fine arts bachelor’s programmes in the Netherlands are presenting their work together.

ALL INN chooses collaboration over competition and collectivity over individualism. The initiative anticipates the uncertainty of an artistic career by offering young artists a broad introduction to the art world. This, on one hand, translates into a carefully constructed exhibition that highlights the dialogue between various works and current tendencies in the arts, and on the other hand, into an extensive public program curated by the young makers themselves.

ALL INN was initiated by nine Dutch bachelor’s degree programmes in fine arts, in collaboration with curator Rieke Vos. Het HEM is the generous innkeeper that welcomes ALL INN and its visitors and embraces them with warmth and care. The project has been made possible with the support of Mondriaan Fonds, Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds, NN Group and Stichting Stokroos.

Programme, timeslots and tickets: Tuesday, 2nd February | For more information:

Participating academies:

Academy Minerva in Groningen, St. Joost School of Art & Design in Breda and Den Bosch, AKI ArtEZ University of the Arts in Enschede, Base for Experiment, Art and Research (BEAR), ArtEZ University of the Arts in Arnhem, Gerrit Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam, HKU in Utrecht, Royal Academie of Art in The Hague, Maastricht Institute of Arts and Willem de Kooning Academie in Rotterdam





 2010      –   Art sale lid day for SOS Children , the Hague

                –   Deksels mooi…, De Posthoorn, the Hague   

                –   Dekselse kunsttalentjes, Algemeen Dagblad The Hague

     2011   –   Auction light art balls for charities , Kijkduin Boulevard , The Hague                                         

     2012   –   Making a  spreadsheet for the magazine Duff 
–   Auction light art balls for charities
–   Making a CD cover for AKO
2012   –   Topaze, The Hague, group project

                 –   Auction light art balls for charities , Algemeen Dagblad , The Hague 2012
2013   –   Project talentvol blik, artworks of the material can
–   Auction light art balls for charities
–   Project Icarus, directing a play in theater Rabarber

     2014   –   Making a spreadsheet for the jubilee book DHNC
2015   –   ABPPW – Academiebrede Propedeuse Project Week – Making an collaboration artwork that deals with the theme

     2016   –   Workshop Fire Works , Stroom Den Haag : exercise to present the process by using the photocopy machine as a   

                     main tool

     2017   –   Publication workshop by Michal Chojecki, in which we contributed to an artist book edition.

     2020   –  Making a poster for the play Babylon aan de Ijssel ,Gilgamesj nu by Marcel Roijaards , Judith Linssen, Hawar Taqwir , Floriaan   Ganzevoort, Monique Krüs and Hexagon Ensemble

     2020   –  Publication in Spright – Art catalogue

     2020   –  Publication bachelor Fine Arts thesis ” Timeless Traces” , KABK , The Hague

     2020   –  Publication in Culturalinfo Syunik Մշակութային Սյունիք լրատվական պորտալ

     2020   –  Publication in Bk-magazine & website ” Examens 2020 ”

     2020   –  Publication in Kiwi Collective Magazine

     2020   –  Nominated for the 35awards the best photographers in the Netherlands

     2020   –  Review about the Graduation Show KABK  

     2020   –  Publication in Florence Contemporary Art catalogue

     2020   –  Publication in Grimoire Fanzine volume 3 

     2020   –  Publication in Digital Camera World

     2020   –  Publication about the exhibition” Powerful compositions and Best of Black and White”

     2020   –  Review about ” Art is lifestyle ” by Hay Azian in Diary of the Netherlands/Նիդերլանդական   օրագիր

     2020   –  Publication in Onlinekunstmagazine

     2020   –  Review ” Liefde voor het innerlijk leven – Ontwaken uit coma na zeven jaar” by Geraldina Metselaar
2020   –  Publication in Grimoire Fanzine volume 4


















































              Culturalinfosyunik/post about my artistic practice
















/painting Nest

/paiting Back to the beginning

/painting The encounter


     2008  –   Kidsclubexpo, The Hague , group exhibition
2009  –   Crossing Border festival , The Hague , group exhibition

                 –   Symbolic candles, Atrium , the Hague , group exhibition
2010   –   Library Bomenbuurt kunstroute , The Hague, Kijkduin , group exhibition
–   Weird world exhibition , The Hague , group exhibition

     2011   –   Megastores, The Hague, group exhibition
2012   –   Mastival, The Hague, group exhibition

                –   What things are? , Nest, The Hague , group exhibition

                –   Willem Hussem festival , Theater Dakota , The Hague , group exhibition

2013   –   Narcissistic Tendencies , Nest, The Hague, group exhibition
–   Spijkers met koppen slaan , The Hague, group exhibition

                 –   Nest, The Hague , group exhibition

                 –   Waterlanders , group exhibition photography, Rotterdamse museumnacht
2014   –   Royal Conservatoire KC / School for Young Talent (SVJT)   , group exhibition for princess Beatrix
–   Graduation Show SVJT, KABK, The Hague, group exhibition
–   Festival Fruit , Vruchtenbuurt , The Hague , group exhibition
  2015   –   Art & Fashion , The Hague, group exhibition  
2016   –   Exhibition Fire Works , Stroom,  The Hague , group exhibition
2018   –   Exhibition Deepfloor , The Hague , group exhibition
2018   –   External Exhibition ‘’Bouncing Off ‘’  , The Hague , Billytown , group exhibition
2019   –   Pop art show , Spring Art gallery, The Hague,  group exhibition

     2019   –   Note to self, Billytown , The Hague , group exhibition

     2020  –  Special 2020 Exhibition , online art sale , Spright Art gallery, the Hague , group exhibition

     2020  –  Graduation Show , Royal Academy of the Arts (KABK) , The Hague , group exhibition

     2020   –    ‘Best of Black & White’ virtual group exhibition

     2020   –   Powerful compositions , virtual group exhibition

     2020   –   Exhibition Berlin ”  Powerful compositions and Best of Black and White, BBA Gallery , Berlin , group exhibition

     2020-2021   –  ” My inner journey ” , Loft Land Of Free Thought , The Hague , group exhibition

     2020-2021 – Corona Collection The Hague, The Hague Historical Museum, group exhibition 

     2021    –  OYO-4 ( On Your Own 4 ) , Haagse Kunstkring , The Hague , group exhibition
2021    –  ALL INN, Het Hem , Zaandam , group exhibition