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Laura Sutton

Laura Sutton

About Laura Sutton

Laura Sutton is a London based artist whose work consists of a mixture of mediums, experimenting with a combination of language and image. Her work explores various aspects of philosophy and the concept of authenticity. Comedy and the absurd are integrated within her pieces, from examining angst through a fictional YouTuber, to exploring alienation through an audio critique hung alongside her own work. Inescapable duration, abundance of time and repetition are reoccurring features within her practice and literary creations. Her larger scale works have focused on the creations of fictional exhibitions that display humorous and not wholly believable narratives relating to the human condition. These pieces question the conventions, assumptions and language that these spaces often adhere to. Similar to novels, her pieces are layered with multiple fictions, truths and integrated references to various literatures.


2015 – 2016   Foundation – Camberwell College of Arts

2016 – 2019   BA – Chelsea College of Arts

2017   Jones’s Wood,  Mamble hall

2017   ‘Crumb’ , Prince of Peckham

2018   Hugh Williams and the Manere, Nolia’s gallery

2018   Figs , The Flying Dutchmen

2019   The Flat Above The Florist Shop,  HOUSE space