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Zehua Wang

Zehua Wang



About Zehua Wang

Zehua Wang is a Beijing-London based photography artist.

The main research interest of Zehua is foucsed on the contradiction between collective civilization and individual freedom. Photography is her eyes to observe the world and her therapy to take a breath from the temporality. Zehua grew up in Xinjiang, a very remote area in Northern-West China, where has infinite landscape of desert, grassland and mountains. Alongside with her education track—— going to Beijing at 19 and then London at 23, her personal experience is an epitome of whole modernization —— from the underdeveloped small city to highly divided and efficient metropolis. Life in big city is extremely convenient and fast but squeezes people’s personal time and space. The modernity is like an over-whelming machine, keeping attracting more people jump into this entirety and create miracle collectively, but on the cost of individual freedom sacrifice.
Will there be a good solution or balance of this contradiction?
Can art heal people’s numb and tired heart?
She will keep chasing the answer with her visual art.


BA Media Studies, Peking University, China

MA Photography, Royal College of Art, UK


RCA2020 Degree Show, Royal College of Art, London

With Fists it Kicks it Bites, TJ Boulting Gallery, London


(Shortlisted) Dark Corners, Museum of London, London

Work in Progress Show, Royal College of Art, London