We help charities increase the impact of their art exhibitions, auctions & campaigns.

Art exhibitions, auctions and pop-up installations have become an invaluable way for charities to engage new audiences and raise awareness about a particular cause or campaign. At The Net Gallery, we partner with charities to extend the reach of exhibitions and events. 

Our 3D scans, videos and teaser campaigns enable people to engage with your time-limited events from anywhere in the world, at any time.


Share sneak previews of your exhibitions, allow early access, and archive your previous projects.

You can even invite supporters to explore auction artwork online. Offering far more detail than photos alone, our 3D scans help boost online bids from a more engaged audience.


As well as increasing the number of digital visitors to an exhibition or auction, our 3D scans boost real-time footfall too. Our preview teasers can be used across your marketing campaigns to generate a buzz and get more visitors through the door.

If you’re a charity looking for a new way to reach a wider audience, we’d love to hear from you.


Photo galleries lack the emotional connection that your audience craves. With The Net Gallery’s 3D scans, visitors can explore an exhibit at their own pace with the help of tags offering additional detail, while art-directed videos, teaser videos and print ready imagery are ideal for boosting a marketing campaign.

Our CHARITY PartnerS

Ben Moore x Missing People

Curated by Ben Moore, the Unmissable exhibition marked the 25th anniversary of the charity Missing People. Featuring a series of portraits of missing persons by a variety of emerging and established artists, the exhibition was inspired by Ben’s own search for his missing brother Tom Moore.

The Net Gallery worked with Ben to create a 3D scan of the exhibition, including an art-directed video that captures the multi-layered details of the experience.

If you’re a gallery looking for a new way to reach a wider audience, we’d love to hear from you.