We enable curators to document their exhibition history, build an interactive archive and access a wider audience.

The Net Gallery is working with some of London’s leading independent curators to capture their exhibitions and promote their work to a wider audience. Our immersive, 3D walkthroughs offer the next best thing to seeing an exhibition in person, conveying a highly realistic impression of the interaction between artwork and space. Viewable online from anywhere in the world and preservable for generations to come, the adaptable, interactive content offers a unique way to showcase your curatorial style, archive your exhibition history and profile your achievements.  


By scanning your exhibitions we can help you build an interactive, adaptable archive. Use it as a way to profile your work and share your practice with new audiences, including artists and institutions you’re hoping to collaborate with. 
Your past exhibitions will remain accessible and viewable, giving future collaborators the best possible insight into the nature and quality of your work.


We can turn your scan footage into attention-grabbing highlights videos and sneak-previews – ideal content for getting press and social media excited about your latest exhibition. Share the same content with sponsors, partners and collaborators to maximise 
impact and engage a wider audience.

If you’re a curator looking for a new way to reach a wider audience, we’d love to hear from you.

Add Content and Context

Once we’ve scanned your exhibition and transformed it into a 3D walkthrough, we can work with you to add content rich media tags, providing viewers with additional context and information.

Tags can include, text, video and audio, as well as links to websites and social media. It could be as simple as adding captions about the artwork and artists, or more expansive content like behind-the-scenes footage and video interviews.



Ben Moore

Ben Moore is the founder and curator of Art Below, a London-based 
contemporary art organisation that uses billboard space to showcase art 
and has shown the works of more than 3,000 artists 
in London, Tokyo, Berlin and Los Angeles.

If you’re a curator looking for a new way to reach a wider audience, we’d love to hear from you.