For her first solo exhibition at the Galerie Laurent Godin, Delphine Reist presents a group of artwork emblematic of her artistic practice as well as an original installation.

The promise materialized by the Grand Magasin (i.e. „department store”) is that it makes available to customers everything they are looking for, and it is not forbidden to see, in the title of the exhibition, a commercial promotion, since all this is for sale, after all, and art objects are also products – however particular they may be (and one of their notable peculiarities is that they exist without any prior market analysis).

The objects that Delphine Reist chooses to make her sculptures have no particular qualities – nothing “sets them apart”. They are ordinary things, and their distribution in the exhibition can indeed make one think that the gallery’s rooms are organized like the shelves of a department store: food, handiwork, sports, care, furniture… There are shampoo, sports bags, wine, blinds, power tools, all transformed by the artist into sculptures. In this process, the objects acquire a relative autonomy (they are mechanically animated), and others are pre-used (Shampoo). In the latter case, the product is exhausted as soon as it is purchased, pushing the logic of programmed obsolescence to its final consequences.

exposition Delphine Reist, galerie Laurent Godin Paris

By modifying objects to give them a kind of autonomous life, Delphine Reist’s work redirects our attention to an essential dimension of the world that we usually do not or no longer think about, which is the very high degree of automation in the societies in which we live, whether in the field of production, which is almost entirely robotized, or in that of consumption, with the acquisition of objects to help us accomplish every gesture of daily life. We play sports to “get moving”. Here, the Bags do it for you. The Blinds work by themselves, as do the tools on the Shelf.

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