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Become a partner and work with us to create a new precedent for teaching, learning and exhibiting.

At The Net Gallery

We believe that 3D scanning offers the potential to revolutionise learning, sharing and exhibiting in art education. To realise the full potential of this technology, we’re forming collaborations with some of the art world’s leading educators.

The Net Gallery has partnered with London-based institutions to capture end-of-year shows and spotlight the work of rising stars. Through these partnerships, we’re working together to create a new precedent in the way we teach, learn and create, while giving emerging talent a new platform to showcase their work, make connections and reach wider audiences.



Part of the world-leading University of the Arts London (UAL), Chelsea College of Arts is one of the most prestigious names in visual arts education, attracting an international student body that stands at the forefront of new directions in art and design. The Net Gallery’s partnership with Chelsea has included scanning the college’s 2019 undergraduate and MA degree shows, capturing an amazing range of work by some of the stars of tomorrow.



If your institution is looking for new ways to showcase what you do, we’d love to hear from you.