Featured Artists at The Net Gallery

The Net Gallery provides a platform for artists at all stages of their careers to showcase their work and engage with new audiences. Featured here is a rotating monthly selection of work by our members. 

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Lucy Stopford

Working exclusively from life, Lucy’s choice of plastic materials: oils, charcoal and clay, allows me to record the process of working by leaving gestural marks of repeated enquiry in the finished piece.
A member of the Contemporary British Portrait Painters and current chairman of the Oxford Art Society, Lucy is also a studio artist at Oxford Arts at the Old Fire Station. They have exhibited frequently at the Mall Galleries and at the National Portrait Gallery with the BP Portrait Award in 2017.

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Roei Greenberg

Roei grew up on a Kibbutz, located on the northern Israeli border with Lebanon. In 2009 Roei moved to Tel Aviv, where I completed a BA Photography in 2013. After years of investigating the Israeli landscape, its geography, historical narratives and my own biography, she left Israel in 2018. In search for a new subject matter, Roei found herself once again drawn to questions of land and power, belonging and legitimacy…

Her photographic practice is concerned with landscape as a complex intersection between culture, geography and autobiography. The effects of human activity on land, political borders and ecology are amongst the issues investigated in my work. The use of large format camera and film creates a multi-layered photographic perspective; pictorial and alluring yet seeking to disrupt traditional modes of landscape representation.

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Sarah Needham

Sarah is interested in how pigments leave traces of human interconnectedness across geography and time. She works by researching historical events which have resonance with what is happening in the now. Sarah then finds out which pigments played out in those events, and that determines the colours in any particular collection. I then make abstract pieces which play with sensations of space and time, that are suggestive and not didactic. There is a moment of poetry when the viewers associations meet with the pigment associations and mine in the painting.

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Stella Tooth

As a west London-based figurative artist, Stella find inspiration in the capital’s performers, both on the street & in venues – and aim to capture the excitement of entertaining live. ~A Resident Artist at the Half Moon Putney, a world-renown music venue, synonymous with The Rolling Stones where some of my musician and comedian art is on its walls.

Stella is a founding member of the Lots Road Group of portrait artists, who exhibit regularly on a theme. She accepts portrait commissions and have portrayed well-known sitters such as the BBC’s Kate Adie, George Alagiah and John Humphrys, ITV News’ Julie Etchingham and Sky News’ Adam Boulton.

Until lockdown restrictions made it impossible, Stella tutored drawing for Sketchout in the inspiring surrounds of the V&A, National Portrait GalleryTate Britain and The Courtauld.

Her other figurative art includes life drawing, bathers – drawing on the love that binds us all of being by the sea – and the natural world, whose animals and flowers we’ve all become more aware of during the epidemic.

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