20 May - 25 July, 2021

One of the largest and most ambitious art exhibitions organised in the UK during the Covid-19 pandemic, Art in the Age of Now was a celebration of creativity and community curated by Ben Moore, the founder of Art Below. Staged in the incredible, yet dilapidated setting of Fulham Town Hall, ahead of a major renovation, the exhibition transformed the building into a maze of artwork, aptly described by artist Conrad Shawcross as, “A complete labyrinth of discovery.”

The Net Gallery had the opportunity to capture spaces throughout the building, from the former holding cells in the basement vaults, to the court room and grand public spaces, preserving a digital record of this unique project. Here we present a series of virtual tours that highlight sections of the exhibition and give a snapshot of what it was like to explore the “labyrinth” in person.

Interview with Curator - Ben Moore

The Grand Hall and Ground Floor

This large scan model showcases work across two floors, by artists including Ben Moore, Barney Clark, LUAP, Conrad Shawcross and Ru Knox. Prominently placed in the Grand Hall is Moore’s ’Los Hengeles’, a scaled down astronomically-aligned replica of Stonehenge.

Court Room, UnMissable and Gaz’s Rockin Blues

Featuring Stations of the Cross, curated by Ben Moore; a recreation of the UnMissable exhibition, which marked the 25th anniversary of the Missing People charity; and the Gaz’s Rockin Blues project space, a reimagining of Gaz Mayall’s legendary Soho landmark.

The Assembly Rooms

Featured work includes Charlotte Colbert’s striking ‘Mastectomy Mameria’, plus a special section curated by MC Llamas.

Ground Floor

Work situated on the ground floor, close to the entrance to the vaults, featuring artists including Liam Hayhow and Rachel Megawhat. Plus a room dedicated to one of Art Below’s signature projects, Art Wars.

The Vaults

Work installed in the building’s atmospheric basement space, featuring some of the UK’s most successful and influential street artists.