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We Are Building the Home of Art.

Using the latest bleeding edge 3D scanning technology, The Net Gallery is bringing the world’s finest museums and galleries to life, enabling visitors to view them in just a few taps anywhere, anytime.

The Net Gallery is a breakthrough 3D experience, connecting the global network of galleries, museums and artists like never before.

Our all-in-one capture system gives viewers a realistic walkthrough and interactive experience of any space, expertly scanned by us, recreating the perfect virtual models of the world’s finest galleries, exhibitions and artworks.

Offering you as a viewer the opportunity to; explore the extensive archive of global exhibitions and museums and follow your favourite artists from wherever you may be in the world.

Or, if you are an artist or exhibition space, the chance to capture and archive your exhibition and share it with anyone, anywhere.




We will set up an initial viewing of your space, which will allow us to create a plan for capturing the finest details of your gallery. You’ll be able to use this in the future for further projects.

Our expert scanologists will then undertake their work in a non-invasive way to capture millions of 4K images of a space from countless angles.

These images are then blended together to build perfect 3D renders.


Working with you, we will then be able to add rich interactive content, such as info tags, weblinks and audio guides.

We will help you achieve the individualised, on-brand experience of your choice for The Net Gallery.

Visitors to your gallery will be able to use these and other features to interact in ways that have been impossible until now or simply better prepare for a physical trip to your gallery.

LAUNCH . . .

When your space goes live online, the content will be available to a worldwide audience. We’ll handle the end-to-end process, from capturing the space through to content management.

Our aim is simple: to present your art to the world in the most immersive and exciting way possible. Together, we can create unique digital experiences that build on your brand.

Showcasing your art in a way it deserves to be viewed online to a global audience.


Be Part of the Art World’s Future.

At The Net Gallery we’re building the world’s largest digital archive of art content for both today’s market and generations to come. Our unique approach means we not only capture the emotion and passion of not only the art, but also the atmosphere and ambience of the surroundings and space.

Our breakthrough technology means it’s never been easier for gallery partners to scale their innovation and take advantage of new trends in digital audiences. Using a deceptively simple and non-invasive process, our experts will capture your gallery, while working closely with you to keep the presentation and experience on brand.

Artists, Exhibitors & Curators

The Net Gallery provides a platform for artists to share art and showcase their work to a global audience. Artists can:

  • Create and build a following, by adding links to other exhibitions in which they’ve participated.
  • Find and connect with galleries and spaces, by accessing their floor plans.
  • Advertise and promote their work and forthcoming exhibitions through The Net Gallery network.

Collectors, Buyers & Enthusiasts

  • The Net Gallery’s extensive database and network enables collectors and buyers to connect with artists and keep up to date with their projects.
  • In addition we cover current exhibitions taking place around the world and provide up to date news on future events.
  • Additional video, imagery and website links that can be added into a walk-through will also allow you to directly access and artists website with just one click, plus allow you to experience exclusive content.

Museums, Galleries & Exhibition Spaces

  • Museums and galleries can build an invaluable digital archive of all their exhibitions to share with future generations.
  • From scan data, we are also able to provide to-scale floor plans, which can be shared with future exhibitors to help them make best use of the space available.
  • We allow galleries and museums to connect, promote and showcase their exhibition to a global audience, helping to drive up both interest and ticket sales.
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At The Net Gallery our aim is to build the world’s largest digital archive of art content which people can enjoy for generations to come. With our unique approach we capture the emotion and passion of not only the art, but the space it was intended to be seen in.

Email: info@thenetgallery.com | Tel: +44 (0) 203 858 7499

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