As our society grows more technologically advanced, our lives are increasingly being lived out online. Institutions that have functioned in more or less the same way for a century or more – especially memory-orientated institutions like galleries, libraries, archives and museums – are starting to feel the pressure to move with the times. But how can an art space integrate new remote technologies, while keeping its activities affordable and easily accessible for both the organisation and its visitors?

Your best solution to this quandary is a membership with The Net Gallery. We offer galleries that work with us a complete virtual platform that’s ideal for both art lovers and exhibitors. Our high-resolution scans mean that the experience of walking through an exhibition can now be enjoyed from the comfort of your own home: giving viewers an immersive escape, without even leaving their computer, iPad or smartphone.

Online Viewing Rooms are really growing in popularity right now, both through initiatives like Art Basel’s Online Viewing Rooms, which had their first run in March of this year, and through individual galleries like David Zwirner and Levy Gorvy, who have created independent viewing rooms on their own websites. In many cases though, the opportunity for viewers to truly interact with the content is still missing.

At The Net Gallery, we pride ourselves on taking the virtual experience to the next level. Giving audiences the opportunity to actually navigate their way around your gallery, our walkthroughs are more polished and have a greater depth of art-focused content and context than those available through initiatives like Google Arts & Culture. Net Gallery walkthroughs can also be converted into videos for visitors who prefer to sit back and be transported around the exhibition space. The videos are fantastic for sharing over social media.

For those who like to learn more about the people and stories behind the art, we create expanded editorial content and interviews around the scan and video content, so visitors can find all the information they need in one handy location.

But don’t just take our word for it! The best way to get an idea of what we can do for you is to check out the collaborations we’ve already worked on with other galleries. You can find plenty of examples through the 3D Exhibitions section on our website, but here’s a run-down of some of our favourite projects.


Installation view from the exhibition ‘Credits’ by Massimo Bartolini at Frith Street Gallery

Frith Street Gallery

Established as a forum for contemporary drawing back in 1989, our collaboration with the historic Frith Street Gallery gave us the opportunity to scan Massimo Bartolini’s Credits exhibition which ran from the 7th February to the 9th April this year. Bartolini’s immersive, experiential art made this solo-exhibition the ideal candidate for a Net Gallery scan addressing the meaning, form and significance of Landscape. You can find a scan of the exhibtion here.

Online gallery visitors who enjoy the exhibition can also find more context and information in our interview with Bartolini, in which he discusses the pieces in the show and how they relate to his wider practice and conceptual interests.

Gallery testimonial: “In times of uncertainty, virtual exhibition experiences become more important than ever. We are delighted that our Massimo Bartolini exhibition can be accessed by all, whether now or in the future.” Communications Team, Frith Street Gallery

NOW Gallery

NOW Gallery in London is the home of one of our latest scans – an immersive 3D tour of Emmanuelle Moureaux’s Slices of Time exhibition. This is her first large-scale installation in the UK, and is inspired by NOW Gallery’s location on the Greenwich Peninsula. The essence of every carefully-considered colour can be fully appreciated by anyone who takes the time to see the work of Moureaux, who has seduced audiences from Paris to Tokyo with her colourful installations.

Visitors can go to the NOW Gallery website to explore the exhibition, or enjoy the walkthrough on the profile page we’ve created for the gallery.

Gallery testimonial: “Being able to offer a VR exhibition experience allows us to invite a global audience to our shows. The scans are excellent quality, which coupled with a fast turnaround, makes for a great all-round service.” Magda Kaggwa – Events and Exhibitions Coordinator, Now Gallery

Halcyon Gallery - FAME by Russell Young

Installation view from the exhibition FAME by Russell Young at Halcyon Gallery

Halcyon Gallery

Marking the next chapter in Russel Young’s ongoing exploration of celebrity as a cultural phenomenon, his FAME exhibition opened at Halcyon Gallery on 24th February. You can experience The Net Gallery’s scan of the exhibition here. The work is drenched in Young’s “signature diamond dust” and viewers can look forward to a stunning roll call of the great and good, writ large in beautiful Californian colours.

Gazelli Art House

With exhibition spaces in Baku and London, Gazelli Art House is a commercial gallery with a wide range of artists, presenting a broad and dynamic programme to a diverse audience through global public projects. The New Verge, the first ever joint exhibition of Ashraf Murad and Farhad Khalilov – two of Azerbaijan’s most significant contemporary artists – is showcased in our scan from Gazelli Art House in London. The  exhibition aims to establish a multi-dimensional conversation between two masterful artists who are at once strikingly different and kindred spirits united by a political epoch.

Gallery testimonial: “We are thrilled with this new way to share our shows to a wider audience. Incredible quality VR tour of our London space and current show. Very professional and efficient team!” Fernanda Garcia – Managing Director, Gazelli Art House

If you’re interested in joining The Net Gallery and sharing your gallery with the world, you can find all the information you need on our website – – or by emailing us at

Article by Toby Buckley.

All images taken from The Net Gallery’s scans, courtesy of The Net Gallery.