The human body, its abstraction and its separate entities are expressed in Gunnesch’s work. His collages show an interplay of different materials, shapes and colours.

Gunnesch’s main inspiration emerges from the vanitas genre, a symbolic work art showing the transience of life, the futility of pleasure and the certainty of death. Change, blossoming and withering are the starting point for his visual research. The collage technique demands that initially, something has to be fragmented and destroyed before something new can emerge. In this sense, the method of cutting is directly related to the theme of vanitas. During creation, the subject decays and changes constantly; and something beautiful can become morbid or even ugly yet fascinating through its own aesthetic.

With his works, Stefan Gunnesch tries to connect to the audience’s feelings, memories and associations. It is always about finding oneself, which stimulates the reflection and tracing of one’s own body and thereby identity.

This work is too beautiful to miss!

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