The Big Four is an exhibition that considers the technological impact that humans have on the planet, considering the Big Four tech companies (Google, Amazon, Facebook, and Apple) and how humans and new forms of technology continue to assist in major environmental change. The exhibition consists of new drawings, paintings and sculptural installations from Bob Bicknell-Knight and Rosa-Maria Nuutinen.

By Rosa-Maria Nuutinen

Bicknell-Knight will exhibit a new series of sculptures, built on and around a large floor installation. Developed to resemble a large battle like diorama, the different sculptures will include new ceramic pieces utilising the Big Four company logos, imagining a not so distant future where companies have created autonomous household pets, that play your favourite song, speak to you about your day and help you cook your dinner. The installation will function as a battleground between the different tech companies, with each corporation having it’s own army of sculptures. Also featured will be a number of new paintings, positioning the autonomous beings within various environmental spaces, juxtaposing their mechanical bodies with the natural countryside.

By Bob Bicknell-Knight


Nuutinen will exhibit a new series of drawings, responding to Bicknell-Knight’s sculptures, imagining future scenarios whereby the pets have become fully autonomous, pulling themselves apart, forming gangs and ravaging the earth. Within the drawings, the autonomous beings become relics of our current world, where humans no longer exist but their technological creations continue to have an ongoing impact on the earth. Life is seen to continue forwards, with or without the presence of human beings.

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Feature image by Bob Bicknell-Knight.