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Showcase your exhibition and create an online 3D virtual gallery in 3-easy steps.


Watch your profile grow with our online 3D virtual exhibitions. Create an immersive experience enabling your audience to walk in your exhibition as if you are actually there. Enjoy using our platform on your mobile desktop or drop into VR!

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Capture your exhibition with our 3D virtual scanner.

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Customise your scan with videos and art descriptions.

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Publish your virtual gallery on email, web, social media.


COVID-19 Statement: The Net Gallery | Social Distancing Policy, as of 1/04/2020 

The Net Gallery will only send one team member to work on site. They will travel by car to avoid placing any pressure on public transport. The team member will only remain on site for as long as is necessary to complete the scan. They will operate in line with social distancing guidelines while on site and will maintain a distance of at least two metres from any gallery staff.

Whether you’re an art college looking for the best way to capture your students’ end-of-year shows, or a gallery exploring new approaches to showcasing your space, The Net Gallery can help.

Our all-in-one 3D capture system turns artwork, installations and spaces into a hyper-realistic, fully interactive, virtual experience. As well as an interactive 3D capture, also produce art-directed videos, floorplans and high-resolution imagery. Perfect for sharing across your social media channels and website.

By scanning your exhibition with The Net Gallery, you also join a new community of artists and spaces, creating the opportunity to discover new audiences and collaborators.

Why capture your exhibition or space?

Introduce your art to a new audience

Our all-in-one capture system gives your audience a realistic walkthrough and interactive experience of your art, wherever, whenever. Inviting exploration and engagement, the bleeding edge technology helps build a new-generation of digital followers.

Create a video showreel

Creating a portfolio that stands out from the crowd can be tough, especially if you’re an emerging artist. With our video captures, you have the chance to turn your virtual scan into a beautiful video. We can help you highlight key points from your exhibition, create sneak peaks to share on social, and craft a dynamic showreel that leaves an impression in a video-driven world.

Archive your exhibition

Until now, exhibitions and installations have been purely ephemeral experiences. The Net Gallery changes all that. Thanks to our breakthrough 3D scanning technology, artists, curators and spaces can share their exhibitions with a global digital audience, all while preserving them for future generations.