At The Net Gallery, we take great pride in the work and achievements of our various member artists, and love to hear everyone’s news of new projects, upcoming exhibitions and awards. We’re feel immensely lucky to have such an accomplished group of artists as members.

One TNG member who has been busy this month is Casper White, whose solo exhibition Come fail at love is running at Mission Gallery, Swansea until 14th November, programmed to coincide with the 2020 BEEP Painting Biennial.

White’s new work largely comes from exploring the subcultures that don’t typically get memorialised in paintings: fans who stare up from the front of the crowd at a band, nightclubbers losing themselves in dance, and runway models. The fictional, idealised version of oneself created by makeup and the euphoria of these experiences combine to create the fantasy and alternative lights that White endeavours to capture in his paintings

White’s proposal to paint people involved with clubbing subcultures won the BP Portrait Travel Award in 2018, but his subject matter for this month’s exhibition is something quite different. Come fail at love draws strongly on the history of portraiture and more traditional themes. For this show, White has allowed his work to be directly influenced by religious imagery and traditions, conveying the most intimate moments with a combination of figure paintings and draped fabrics.

The following images, captured by photographer Matthew Otten, give a taste of the artworks on show.

casper white at mission gallery 16

The Nativity by Piero Della Francesca – Oil on Linen, 40x30cm & Waiting for my ADHD medication to kick in (TikTok) – Oil on Linen, 40x30cm.


casper white at mission gallery 13 1

Mary in Tin glaze on earthenware from the Glynn Vivian Art Gallery- Oil on Linen, with hand-rolled silk, silk dye and embroidery, 50x40cm & Rhye – Open (Official Video) – Oil on Linen, 50x40cm.


casper white at mission gallery 18 3

Dance from TikTok – Oil on Linen, 24x30cm & Dance from TikTok – Oil on Linen, 24x18cm.


casper white at mission gallery 5 1

Installation view from Come fail at love.

Visitors interested in viewing Casper White’s new exhibition can do so at Mission Gallery: Gloucester Place, Maritime Quarter, Swansea, SA1 1TY. Admission is free, and the gallery is open from 11AM to 4PM, Wednesday to Saturday. See for more information.

Learn more about Casper and his work via his profile on The Net Gallery, or via his website.

Main image: Work by Casper White installed as part of Come fail at love at Mission Gallery. Photographed by Matthew Otten, courtesy Casper White.