TNG member Hayam Elsayed is an Egyptian artist who currently works between London and Cairo. In this article, she talks about her experience of the art scenes in the two cities, as well as her love for travel and meeting people across the art world.

Hayam Elsayed The flower lady oil on canvas 50x50cm 1000£

Hayam Elsayed – ‘The Flower Lady’ (2020), oil on canvas, 50x50cm.

I love to do portraits, they can showcase the emotions expressed in human features, which have a majestic element to them. Moreover, painting a portrait makes me feel and understand the portrait as if it’s another soul with me, but captured in the painting. In other words, when a painting is finished, it can transfer positive feelings to the viewer. Whilst producing a portrait I feel intrigued to finish it at a fast pace, motivated by the feeling that the soul is revealed throughout the beauty of the painting. 

Angel oil on canvas 35x50cm

Hayam Elsayed – ‘Angel’ (2020), oil on canvas, 35x50cm.

My experience of working as an artist between London and Cairo? If I will describe my experience in London as opposed to Cairo, I would say that it’s much smoother to showcase my unique artistic identity. The buyers are not interested in purchasing a specific kind of art for specific purposes. They see great value in all genuine artists and appreciate eclectic art styles. Moreover, they encourage both emerging local and international artists who offer innovative ideas and freely express their creativity and passion. 

In Cairo, the buyers are yet to comprehend the positive and healing effects art could have on a society. I believe that the true mission of an artist is to spread positive awareness in society through capturing the beauty of the world. The paintings are a medium in which positive energy is transferred to the viewers cementing the seeds of beauty, love and compassion.

Hayam Elsayed aloura 45x60 oil on canvas 800£

Hayam Elsayed – ‘Aloura’ (2020), oil on canvas, 45×60.

Another important difference between the Cairo and the London art scenes is the various art fairs taking place. In Cairo, the concept of fairs is yet to be introduced. Also, there is a significant shortage of competent art directors and art agencies to support artists during their journey. With the existence of such challenges in Egypt, I find great pleasure in exhibiting my art in fairs worldwide. Fairs provide a fruitful environment for me to grow and build a strong network with like minded artists, as well as the industry influencers from all over the world. To me, it’s an opportunity to gather knowledge and experience in a beautiful setting surrounded by inspiring people. 

I believe personal and artistic growth occurs when you surround yourself with the right people, who add to your experience and share the same passion. An artist passes through so many phases, learning and unlearning to reach their unique identity. It’s very inspiring to interact with people who are in a more advanced phase and see how they evolved. I have a passion for travelling and meeting new people. I also enjoy visiting galleries in the countries where I am exhibiting. This allows me to know how the art world is constantly evolving. Hayam Elsayed

IMG 8775

Hayam Elsayed with her dog Baileys. Talking about Baileys, Hayam says, “To me he is not a dog… he is a manifestation of love. In his presence, I feel more inspired to portray the human emotions in the paintings.”

Article by Hayam Elsayed.

You can learn more about Hayam and her work via her profile on The Net Gallery, here.

You can enquire about purchasing her work via Artsy and Singulart.

The image at the top of the page shows Hayam sitting with her work at the SCOPE Art Show in New York.