Touch・Yoko Yoichi Yajima:

アンテナを張る, which literally translates into ‘keeping your antenna up’, meaning ‘keeping an ear to the ground’, in this series of works Yajima created exclusively for the exhibition, he nurtured a family of potteries including Koukishin-Kun 好奇心くん and Kyoumishin-Kun 興味心くん, where bold and vibrant coloured yuyaku 釉薬 glaze was applied to the pottery, contrastively unique from the traditional Oribe-yaki 織部焼 originated from the Mino 美濃 area.

Smell・Yuka Fukushima:

The exhibition also presents Fukushima’s first-ever flower installation as well as objects inspired by distillation and the Proust effect, autobiographical and emotional memories can be triggered by sensory stimuli, especially through olfaction, the artist aimed to widen the possibilities of scent, allowing visitors to relive the moments and times when they interacted with nature.

Taste・Takayuki Matsumoto:

A new project inspired by a message in a bottle dubbed ‘N bottle letter’ was launched by Matsumoto, dedicated to scented alcohol infusion, Matsumoto hopes to start a conversation with the receiver of the bottle, by delivering a unique method of reinterpreting the creation of cocktails with a mathematical approach. The first featured release is Tea Bitter, an infusion for gin and tonic.