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Join The Net Gallery and learn how you can play an active part in growing our community. If you impress our team, we may even scan your next London-based exhibition for free!

Lead a new generation of artists

Our mission is to grow a community of students, artists and curators brought together by the desire to create a new space in the art world – one where 3D capture technology empowers exploration, learning and connection.

To drive this movement, we need your support. As the founding members of The Net Gallery, you’ll help to build a grassroots art community. By capturing your work, sharing your processes, and inviting others to join, you’ll be part of a new generation of artists and curators leaving their mark on the world.


Find a wider audience for your art with a dedicated profile page

As a member, you get your own digital exhibition space. On your profile page, you can showcase current and past exhibitions, and even get interviewed by one of our in-house team of arts writers to help tell your story.

A Platform For Students To Learn & Discover

At The Net Gallery, we believe in supporting new talent. That’s why we welcome art students and emerging artists who want to capture their work, share their processes, learn new skills, and make connections. London-based students and artists can even get a free scan of their latest exhibition or project to kickstart their showreel, website and portfolio.

Enjoy all these exclusive benefits

• Get special access to exhibitions and events organised by members of The Net Gallery community.

• Be the first to know about exhibitions and projects we’ve scanned, and get early bird access to our latest video and scans.

• Take part in our educational forums and communicate with leading academics, artists and top professionals.

Join The Net Gallery for free today & help us build London's leading digital archive​

Join The Net Gallery for free today & help us
build London's leading digital archive