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EXHIBITIONS AT zabludowicz collection

Trulee Hall
8 October 2020 – 14 March 2021

American artist Trulee Hall’s first UK solo exhibition is a playful fun-house panopticon filled with an unabashed ‘erotic grotesque’. Presented in a series of self-contained vignettes, the exhibition debuts a newly commissioned project alongside works from the Collection and a number of videos, paintings and sculptures, where glory holes, peeping Toms, nightmare monsters and sexy bodies jostle for attention.

Hall’s work is informed by her childhood in the Southern state of Georgia, her current home of Los Angeles, and a background working on film sets, in artists’ studios and as a technician for major theme parks. These experiences fuel the alchemy of her practice and her embrace of lavish simulacra. The worlds Hall creates are enchanting and enticing, retaining an underlying uneasy seediness and inviting the viewer to question if the discomfort they feel is warranted, or a result of their own internalised prejudices. At a time when the fate of our bodies, governments and planet feels particularly unstable, Hall’s vision offers an alternative perspective. While forthright about the presence of the dark and untoward, her approach encourages us to turn and look in the direction we choose, to up tools and forge something fantastic and celebratory.

Shana Moulton
12 Sept – 15 Dec 2019

Using video, sculptural installation and performance, American artist Shana Moulton has developed a distinctive psychic and aesthetic realm anchored around her alter ego, Cynthia. In Moulton’s first institutional solo show in the UK, new videos and sculptural installations commissioned by Zabludowicz Collection are presented alongside key recent projects.

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Zabludowicz Collection is founded on a commitment to producing a vibrant and sustainable ecology for art. It achieves this through a growing archive of contemporary art and is dedicated to the conservation and production of new work by artists from the earliest stages of their careers. The Collection runs an independent UK charity and an international programme of exhibitions, events, residencies and commissions across in the UK, USA and Finland. Our exhibitions are free and open to all.

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